Saturday April 29, 2023, Santo Wines

10:00 Start of Conference by journalist Elli Spyropoulou

 10:15-11:15 “Greetings – Welcome Notes by politicians”

  • Vassilis Kikilias Minister of Tourism
  • Lefteris Oikonomou Deputy Minister of Civil Protection
  • Yannis Plakiotakis Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular policy
  • Olga Kefalogianni Member of the Parliament Athens
  • Yannis Vroutsis Member of the Parliament from Cyclades
  • Nikos Sirmalenios Member of the Parliament from Cyclades
  • Philip Fortomas Member of the Parliament from Cyclades
  • Katerina Monogyou Member of the Parliament from Cyclades
  • Angela Gerekou President Greek National Tourism Organization
  • Giorgos Chatzimarkos Governor of South Aegean Islands Region
  • Antonis Sigalas Mayor of Santorini
  • Markos Kafouros President of Santo Wines Association of Theraean Cooperatives

11:20 “Definition of Luxury Tourism”

  • Filip Boyen CEO Forbes Travel Guide

11:40 “Luxury tourism: The future of tourism in Greece”

  • Olympia Anastasopoulou Secretary General of Tourism Policy Development

12:00 “Sustainable tourism development on the European agenda”

  • Elena Kountoura MEP SYRIZA

12:15-12:45 “Luxury Tourism Prospects in Greece-International Relations “

  • Yiannis Xifaras General Secretary of Ministry of Transportation

“Luxury Tourism, the European Dimension”

  • Eliza Vosenberg Member of the European Parliament ND
  • Panagiotis Kouroumplis Member of the Parliament SYRIZA, West Athens Sector

Coordinated by Andreas Zaboukas


  • Peggy Antonakou President of Google Greece

Coordinated by Andreas Zaboukas

13:20 “The future of cruising in Greece”

  • Theodoros Kontes Honorary President of the Association of Cruise Ship Owners and Shipping Agencies

13:40 “Section: Tourist Agencies and their vital role”

  • Lysandros Tsilidis President of the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Travel & Tourist Agencies FedHATTA

14:15 “Greece as an investment destination for high incomes”

  • Lefteris Potamianos, President of the Athens-Attica Association of Realtors

14:30 “Early warning system for microbial water safety”

  • Institute of Technology and Research Dr. Giorgos Tsagarakis, Digital Signal Researcher/ Analyst

15:00-15:20 NPHO “Legionaires: Prevention of the disease in travelers to Greece – Corrective actions”
From the Respiratory Infections department, Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance, and Intervention for Infectious Diseases, NPHO

  • Elisavet Mouratidou, MSc, Epidemiologist, Department of Respiratory Infections, Division of Epidemiological Surveillance, and Intervention for Infectious Diseases NPHO.
  • Vasilios Nakoulas, Public Health Supervisor, Regional Public Health Laboratory of Thessaly


15:30 “Greece is redefining luxury tourism”

  • Dimitris Trifonopoulos Owner Desiterra Resort

15:50 “ Human Resources Management in Tourism”

  • Kostantinos Pappas B.Sc., M.Sc., MBPsS, Executive Trainer, Business Coach and Business Consultant in Human Resources Management Selection and Development in Europe, the USA and the Middle East

16:15 “Higher education in Tourism”

  • Aggelos Sirigos Deputy Minister of Education and Religious Affairs

16:30-17:00 “Higher Education and Tourism” Aegean University

From the Department of Tourism Economics and Management

  • Professor Theodoros Stavrinoudis – Evangelia Proiou (MSc)

Topic: Human Resources Development Policies in Luxury Hotels

  • Christos Kakarougas

Topic: Luxury Job Design

  • Mosxos Psimoulis

Topic: Human Resources Education and Training in Luxury Hotels

17:10 International Hellenic University”

  • Professor Evangelos Christou , School of Economics and Management
    Topic: Marketing of Luxury Tourism

17:30 “High end furniture and Interior design”

  • Dimitris Komis Managing Director of Avax

17:50-18:15 “Financing: Α tool for development”

  • George Leontaritis Vice Governor of South Aegean Islands Region
  • Kostas Constantinou CEO Moore GR
  • Theodoros Parperis Head of PWC Cyprus

Coordinated by Andreas Zaboukas

18:20 “Debt restructuring of tourism businesses”

  • Themis Sofos , Doctor of Law at the University of Bonn, General Secretary of the Institute of European and International Criminal Law, former Vice-President of D.S.A., Attorney at Supreme Court

18:40 Research: “The profile of upper class tourists and their contribution to Greek Economy”

  • Stratos Fanaras CEO of Metron Analysis

19:00 “The ecosystem of Greek startups in the tourism sector”

  • Sofia Kounelaki Efraimoglou President of ACCI

19:20 “Everyday luxury with a purpose 

  • Nikos Koumettis President of Europe for Coca Cola group

Coordinated by Christoforos Christofi

20:00 “Honorary guest Maye Musk”

Speech and discussion with Elli Spyropoulou.

Parallel Actions

Exhibition by photographer Vangelis Tsiamis

Theme: “Nature, construction, white, vine: four aspects of Santorini”.

End of Day 1 with flavors based on local products and music.


Sunday, April 30, 2023, Santo Wines

9:00 “Creating the security conditions for high-level tourism”

  • Yiannis Tsantoulis Specialist in high profile security matters


 9:30 “Research on health tourism and tourism for the elderly”

  • Theodoros Georgakopoulos Director DIANEOSIS

Section: Luxurious Hospitality

9:50-10:20  “Visitor mapping and methods of attraction”

  • Antonis Iliopoulos President of Santorini Hoteliers
  • Alexandros Vassilikos President of Hotel Chamber of Greece and President of

HOTREC Pan-European Confederation of Hotels and Restaurants

Coordinated by lawyer Konstantinos Zikos, Deputy General Secretary GNTO

10:20 ” The role of communication in Greece’s tourism”

  • Thodoris Roussopoulos, Chairman of the Immigration Committee, Member of the Parliament ND

10:30 “Greek hospitality”

  • Vaso Petridou Owner Chief Operating Officer CALILO

10:45-11:30 ” Luxurious Hospitality”

  • Lazaros Mallis, Elounda Hotel
  • Miltiadis Andronis, Owner Andronis Luxury Suites
  • Vicky Dorzioti, Director of Axia Hospitality
  • Markos Chaidemenos, Canaves Oia
  • Dimitris Tsitouras, Tsitouras collection

Coordinated by lawyer Konstantinos Zikos, Deputy General Secretary GNTO

Section: Cruise and Maritime Tourism

11:30 Marie Caroline Laurent General Manager of CLIA Europe (Cruise Line International Association).

Section:   Yachting – Cruising

12:00-12:30 “The future of maritime tourism”

  • Evangelos Kyriazopoulos  General Secretary of Ports Port Policy and Maritime Investments Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy
  • Paris Dragnis Golden Yachts
  • Maria Deligianni CLIA Cruise Lines International Association
  • Dimitris Iatridis Executive Director of the Hellenic Ports Association

Coordinated by Theodoros Kontes Honorary President of the Association of Cruise Ship Owners and Shipping Agencies

12:30-13:00 “The future of maritime tourism”

  • Fiorenzo Spadoni RINA Yachting Commercial Director
  • Giorgos Vernikos Honorary President of the Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association and General Secretary of the Greek Tourism Confederation SETE
  • Angelos Roussos President of the Thera Port Fund
  • Gerasimos Gerolimatos Head of the Organizing Committee of Olympic Yacht Show/ Publisher “Skipper on Deck”
  • Nikos Mavrikos President of the Hellenic Association of Ship Suppliers – Exporters

Coordinated by Theodoros Kontes Honorary President of the Association of Cruise Ship Owners and Shipping Agencies

13:00 “Yachting Luxury Design: Greece at the forefront”

  • Giorgio and Stefanos Vafiadis Interior Designer Studio Vafiadi

13:30 “The role of the banking system/banks in the transformation of Greek Tourism”

  • Dimitris Kyparissis CEO Optima bank

Coordinated by Maria Nikoltsiou

 Section: Luxury Air Transport – VIP Private Flights

13:50-14:15 “High Level Services in Air Transport”

  • Giorgos Lioubis General Manager SKY Express
  • Andreas Christodoulidis President of Zela Aviation Group

Coordinated by Christoforos Christofi

14:15-14:30 “The new ultra-luxury air transport”

  • Grigoris Constantelos Mayor of Vari Voula Vouliagmeni 3B

Section: Gastronomy – Pastry

14:30 “The role of Food and Beverage in curating a successful leisure destination”

  • MPS Puri

14:45 ” The future of Greek Tourism and its problems”

  • Lefteris Lazarou Owner and Chef of Varoulko Seaside restaurant

15:00 “Sustainable gastronomy on the menu of Luxury Events “

  • Dimitris Skarmoutsos Executive Chef, Shareholder Dipnosofistirion and Project Manager DELTA restaurant

15:20 “Luxury cocktail trends”

  • Aris Hadjiantoniou Head Bartender Dipnosofistirion, Metaxa Ambassador MrGoodmix and Momix founder

15:40 “Wine tourism”

  • Aris Sklavenitis Head Sommelier Dipnosofistirion, Best Greek Sommelier 2023, 2019, 2016 of the Hellenic Union of Sommeliers

16:00 “Greek products in global gastronomy”

  • Andreas Mavromatis Michelin-Star Chef in Paris
  • Evagoras Mavromatis Michelin-Star Chef in Paris

Coordinated by Christoforos Christofi

Section: Luxury Health Tourism

16:20-16:40 “Medical Tourism: Greece’s competitive advantages”

  • Mina Gaga Deputy Minister of Health
  • Georgios Patoulis Governor of Attica Region and President of Elitour

Coordinated by journalist Vicky Karatzaferi

16:40 “Prospects of the private sector and healthcare benefits”

  • Dr. Vassilis Apostolopoulos CEO of Athens Medical Group

17:00 “Medical Tourism is a challenge for the General Hospital of Thira”

  • Lena Borboudaki Health Economist, MpH, MSc(c), PhD(c), Vice President of AEMY SA & Director of Thiras’ General Hospital

17:10 Medical Tourism Specialties”

  • Niki Laliotou Pediatrician
  • Roi Petropoulou Podiatrist

17:30 “ In vitro fertilization ”

  • Konstantinos Pantos Gynecologist, Genesis of Athens
  • Mekdes Tsegaye Founder and CEO of Mekdi Production PLC

Coordinated by Vicky Karatzaferi

17:50 “Aesthetic dermatology in Tourism. Cosmetic Tourism”

  •  Adreas Katsabas Professor of Dermatology

Unit: 7th Art and Luxury Tourism

18:10 ” The contribution of film producers to Tourism”

  • Christoforos Papakaliatis Director – Actor

Section: Luxury Social Events, destination Greece

18:30 “When in Greece, dreamy events become a reality”

  • Ioanna Vamvakari, Decorator – Project Builder, Owner I.V. Decoration and Event Planning

18:45 “Greece and all its glory”

  • Adam Alex Destination Event Photographer

19:00 “Flower arrangements to remember”

  • Ioulietta Mitsopoulou Florist-Owner Comme ça Fleurs & Décor
  • Kostas Korakas Florist-Owner RedBoxDays

Coordinated by Ioanna Vamvakari

19:15 “Success Story: Dipnosofistirion – Focus on perfection”

  • Takis Christophileas CEO-Owner Dipnosofistirion Catering

19:30-19:50 “Luxury photography is a state of mind”

  • Yannis Alefantou Photographer
  • Thanos Asfis Photographer
  • Sotiris Tsakanikas Photographer

Coordinated by Ioanna Vamvakari

19:50-20:10 “Luxury Cinematography in Greece”

  • George Zorbas Filmmaker
  • Kostas Kastanakis Filmmaker Owner Freefeelings
  • Giorgos Kasionis and Stamatis Tsopanakis Filmmakers Owners WithHeartFilms

Coordinated by Ioanna Vamvakari

20:10-20:30 “Luxury production not only to enjoy but also to live for”

  • Nikos Tsirozides Owner VIPARTIES
  • Markos Fotiadis Owner Loud & Clear Entertainment
  • Renos Papapaschos Technical Manager Sound and Visual SA

Coordinated by Ioanna Vamvakari


Musical evening

Traditional dance program from Santorini

Monday, May 1, 2023

Activities related to guided tours in Santorini